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Chapter 10 Monitoring & Implementation

10.1 The Government attaches great weight to monitoring the performance of Local Plans as part of its plan, monitor and manage approach to land use planning. PPG12 states that a commitment to an on-going programme of monitoring policy effectiveness is essential in being able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a local plan so that a reliable and auditable basis is established from which to review the Plan. The Regional Spatial Strategy for the East Midlands (RSS8) (March 2005) also makes a strong commitment to on-going monitoring of Plan policies. Therefore it is important that monitoring of the Local Plan is compatible with regional indicators.

10.2 There is a need to monitor the Local Plan to measure its success or otherwise in meeting national, regional and county guidance and policies.

10.3 A monitoring system will provide a clear framework for measuring progress in implementing the Local Plan. The main mechanism for implementing the plan will be through the determination of planning applications. Other action may include the preparation of development briefs or Supplementary Planning Documents as necessary.

10.4 The following table, based on Local Plan objectives, identifies performance indicators and a list of relevant policies that may contribute to achieving the objectives.

10.5 Information on some indicators is already collected regularly, such as the proportion of new homes built on brownfield land, which is used as a Best Value indicator. However, in other cases mechanisms to collect information will have to be established. This information could be used in the preparation of future RSS Annual Monitoring Statements.

chapter 10 table

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