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Affordable Housing
Affordable housing encompasses both low cost market and subsidised housing irrespective of tenure, ownership (whether exclusive or shared) or financial arrangements, that will be available to people who cannot afford to rent or buy houses generally available on the open market

Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)
A plan that seeks to identify locally important and rare species to improve the range and provision of species and habitats within an area

Brownfield Land
Land that has been previously developed, in accordance with the definition set out in Annex C of Planning Policy Guidance Note 3: Housing

Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
A government department that aims to promote sustainable development across government and the country as a whole by achieving positive trends in the governments headline indicator of sustainable development. Food, farming and rural communities are the focus of much of the Departments work

Derby and Derbyshire Joint Structure Plan
The strategic planning policy framework for Derby and Derbyshire up to 2011, prepared by Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council adopted in January 2001

Derbyshire Wildlife Sites Register (DWSR)
A register identifying sites of importance for nature conservation in the District complied by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Derbyshire County Council

Defined by Section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act (1990) as ‘the carrying out of building, engineering, mining or other operation in, on, over or under land, or the making of any material change of use of any building or other land’

The East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA)
EMDA was set up in 1999 as one of eight Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) in England from three main bodies - East Midlands Development Company, English Partnerships and the Rural Development Commission. RDAs were created to co-ordinate regional economic development and regeneration so the regions can improve their relative competitiveness and reduce imbalances within and between regions

East Midlands Regional Local Government Association (EMRLGA)
The East Midlands Regional Local Government Association was formed following a merger between the East Midlands Employers Organisation (EMEO), East Midlands Regional Planning Forum and the East Midlands LGA. EMRLGA are a representative voice for this region’s Local Authorities, a key partner in the East Midlands Regional Assembly, a representative voice for the East Midlands Region and a provider of services to local authorities in the East Midlands Region

Environment Agency (EA)
A Government Agency with legal duties to protect the environment, particularly in relation to the use and management of rivers and other watercourses

Green Belt
Areas of land protected from most forms of development in order to maintain their openness and prevent the merging and sprawl of built up areas

Greenfield Land
Land that has never previously been developed, including land for agricultural purposes or previously developed land with restoration conditions

National Playing Fields Association (NPFA)
A national organisation with specific responsibility for acquiring, protecting and improving playing fields, playgrounds and play space where they are needed for those who need them

Planning Policy Guidance Notes & Planning Policy Statements (PPG & PPS)
Documents prepared by the Government setting out national planning policy advice. PPS contain the most up to date policy advice. The Government has a program to progressively replace PPG with PPS.

Quality of Employment Land Study (QUELS)
A study of the quality of large employment sites available within the East Midlands Region. This study was prepared on behalf of EMRLGA and EMDA as a means of informing Regional Guidance

Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS)
Important geological sites that are not already designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest

Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the East Midlands
Policy guidance prepared by the East Midland Regional Local Government Association (EMRLGA), in consultation with the Government Office for the East Midlands (GOEM) to guide spatial development in the East Midlands region

Scheduled Ancient Monuments
Sites, buildings or other structures identified as being of national importance by the Secretary of State under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979 and afforded statutory protection under this legislation.

Sites for Educational Use
Open spaces safeguarded for educational use in the future that are designated as such by Derbyshire County Council

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
A site designated by English Nature as being of importance for nature conservation.

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)
A document setting out advice on specific topics or planning issues to support a policy or policies in a development plan. These documents will be prepared as part of the new system of Local Development Frameworks introduced by the 2004 Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act.

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