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2 Written Statement Chapter links

instructions 1 and 2

3 Policy Number and Policy Text - this sets out what developments will and won’t get planning permission and, where appropriate, the criteria that have to be met for planning permission to be granted.

4 Cross References to other policies that might apply- In the interactive online version, clicking on them will take you straight to that policy

instructions 3 and 4

5 links to the detailed Proposals Map tiles from the main Location Map are shown with a green box

6 links to the Inset Maps from the main Location Map are made by clicking on the Inset name

instructions 5 and 6

7 Map Index Panel - for choosing adjacent map tiles and also shows which tile is being viewed

8 KEY to map symbols with links directly to appropriate Policies in the Written Statement

9 Detailed map tiles, some of which also have links to appropriate Policies in the Written Statement

instructions 7, 8 and 9

10 Ordnance Survey copyright note

instructions 10

11 Gazetteer Alpha list - for choosing Street Names

12 links from selected street names to the map tile containing the name; the map will not be centred directly over the name

instructions 11 and 12

13. You can also use the "Back Button" in the main Browser Menu to return to previous pages that have already been viewed.

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