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List of Policies

Chapter 1: General Strategy
GS1 Sustainable Development
GS2 Development in the Green Belt
GS3 Major Developed Sites in the Green Belt
GS4 Peak District National Park
GS5 Settlement Development Limits
GS6 New Development in the Countryside
GS7 Change of Use and Conversions
GS8 Temporary Land Uses and Buildings
GS9 Planning Obligations
GS10 Crime Prevention
GS11 Hazardous Installations
GS12 Access for All

Chapter 2: Natural Environment
NE1 Landscape Character
NE2 Special Landscape Areas
NE3 Protecting and Managing Features of Importance to Wild Flora and Fauna
NE4 Sites of National Importance for Nature Conservation
NE5 Other sites of Importance for Nature Conservation
NE6 Development Affecting Nationally Rare Species
NE7 Protection of Trees and Hedgerows
NE8 Tree Planting
NE9 Development and Flood Risk

Chapter 3: Built Environment
BE1 General Design Principles
BE2 External Lighting and Floodlighting
BE3 Security Shutters
BE4 Advertisements
BE5 Percent for Art
BE6 Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites
BE7 Alterations and Works to Listed Buildings
BE8 Change of Use of a Listed Building
BE9 Development in the Vicinity of a Listed Building
BE10 Demolition of Listed Buildings
BE11 Development Within and Adjoining Conservation Areas
BE12 Demolition of Unlisted Buildings and Structures within a Conservation Area
BE13 Historic Parks and Gardens

Chapter 4: Employment Development & Tourism
E1 New Employment Land Provision
E2 Callywhite Lane Extension, Dronfield
E3 Norwood Extension, Killamarsh
E4 Mixed Use Site at the Former Avenue Coking Works, Wingerworth
E5 Mixed Use Development: Former Biwaters Site, Clay Cross
E6 Existing Employment Areas
E7 Development in New and Existing Employment Areas
E8 Employment Development in Other Areas
E9 Employment Development in the Countryside
E10 Tourism Developments
E11 Tourist Accommodation
E12 Camping and Caravan Sites

Chapter 5: Housing
H1 Sites for Residential Development
H2 Housing Development on Other Sites within the Settlement Development Limits
H3 New Housing outside Settlement Development Limits
H4 Renewal of Planning Permissions
H5 Domestic Extensions
H6 Affordable Housing Provision in the Main Settlements
H7 Affordable Housing in Settlements with a Population of 3000 or Fewer
H8 Affordable Housing: Alternative Provision
H9 Affordable Housing: Exception Sites in Rural Areas
H10 Special Needs Housing
H11 Sites for Gypsies and Travellers
H12 Design and Layout of New Housing

Chapter 6: Town Centres & Retailing
SH1 Clay Cross Town Centre Redevelopment
SH2 Retail Development in Town Centres
SH3 Ground Floor Development within Town Centres
SH4 Upper Floor Development within Town Centres
SH5 Retail Development in Edge of Centre Locations
SH6 Retail Developments in Out of Centre Locations
SH7 Local Shopping Facilities
SH8 Loss of Local Facilities
SH9 Hot Food Take-aways, Restaurants and Public Houses
SH10 Weekly Markets and Car Boot Sales
SH11 Farm Shops
SH12 Garden Centres

Chapter 7: Transport
T1 Clay Cross Diversion
T2 Highway Access and the Impact of New Development
T3 Traffic Management
T4 Travel Plans
T5 Walking & Cycling
T6 Public Transport
T7 Rail Freight
T8 Disused Transport Routes
T9 Car Parking Provision
T10 Car Park, Dronfield Station

Chapter 8: Recreation & Leisure
R1 Outdoor Recreation Space Standards
R2 Formal Recreation Facilities
R3 Urban Green Space
R4 Allotments
R5 Providing for Children’s Play Space through New Development
R6 Proposals for New Outdoor Recreational Uses
R7 Proposals for New Indoor Recreation Facilities
R8 Specialist and Noise Generating Recreational Activities
R9 Equestrian Development
R10 Golf Courses and Driving Ranges
R11 Development Affecting Public Rights of Way
R12 The Chesterfield Canal
R13 Country Parks

Chapter 9: Community Facilities, Services and Utilities
CSU1 Sites for Educational Use
CSU2 Purpose Built Community Facilities
CSU3 Protection of Existing Community Facilities
CSU4 Surface and Foul Water Drainage
CSU5 Development in the Vicinity of Sewage Treatment Works
CSU6 Contaminated Land
CSU7 Renewable Energy
CSU8 Telecommunication

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